A recurring theme in Seattle is relying and levying for governmental solutions to social issues.  In order to not swing the pendulum wildly in every direction, I am calling for public-private partnerships to fix Seattle’s homelessness crisis- and Cascadia Global Security is willing to lead the charge.

Police often claim that there are not enough of them to investigate every crime or even respond to every call.  At the same time, the public complains that the police have too strong of a presence in certain communities. Seattle City Council has expressed concerns about police officers carrying firearms at all times.

Public-private partnerships would involve, governmental law enforcement contracts that could be bid on by the private sector.  These contracts would involve policing damaged communities, specifically downtown and targeting the homeless populations and affected areas.  Private sector companies could employ and train locals as security officers to maintain safety in the targeted areas. The security officers would not have to be armed or have arrest authority.  Instead, their presence and immediate action would deter and stop crime as well as provide a  sense of safety.

Allowing the private sector to bid would increase the quality of the security officers due to competition.  Police departments do not have competition because they have a monopoly on the use of force and security arena.  The public would act as an auditing body on private companies.

Employment of lower-income and socioeconomic individuals would increase.  Companies could employ those in the current populations that are excelling and show a desire to help their community.  Becoming a law enforcement officer takes a lot of time and is political as opposed to the employment of security officers.  Allowing the private sector to play a role in the solution will result in a more diverse, more competent workforce.

Because the training and equipment budget is less in the private sector than the public sector, through these partnerships more people would get to be employed.  Private companies are more efficient at turning out officers because they have to be more accountable for their budgets. Government agencies, like police departments, do not have the cream of the crop financial advisors which results in a huge waste of taxpayer money.  For the cost of one police officer, Cascadia Global Security can employ between 3 to 5 security officers due to no financial waste. This, in turn, saves the taxpayers money and creates more jobs.

To conclude, public-private partnerships would result in increased security by the local people and not by police officers.  Both business owners, patrons, and the homeless population would feel safer. Taxpayer money would be saved and employment would increase.

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