Commercial Business and Retail Security

Professional Retail and Commercial Business Security Services

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Visible Retail Security Is a Natural Deterrent

Create a safe environment for your customers with the retail security services of Cascadia Global Security. Our experienced, professional uniformed guards are a natural deterrent that will discourage shoplifting, break-ins, muggings, loitering, and other potential threats. And our mobile patrol service can ensure your patrons and staff feel safe in your parking areas.

A Retail Security Service Plan to Fit Your Needs

A security assessment from our security experts can provide a snapshot of your business’s potential weak spots that should be addressed. From there, the team at Cascadia Global Security will put together a customized plan for on-site security services to meet your needs. Your customized security services will include highly trained personnel with all the resources they need to protect your shoppers, personnel, and property.


Professional Commercial Security Services:

  • ARMED and UNARMED SECURITY OFFICERS: uniformed, certified, and highly trained.
  • ARMED and UNARMED PLAINCLOTHES OFFICERS: when you need discreet security services.
  • MOBILE PATROL SERVICES: we monitor and keep your premises safe.
  • FIREWATCH: we identify fire hazards and alert the fire department in the event of an outbreak.
  • LOSS PREVENTION: we strategically mitigate loss and prevent theft.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: when you need immediate and temporary security presence for break-ins, employee terminations, or recent crimes.

We proudly offer

  • 24/7 onsite security
  • Custom-tailored security services
  • Highly trained personnel
  • State-of-the-art security equipment
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Protect your employees, patrons, and property with Cascadia Global Security—your trusted security solution.