About Us

Our mission

At Cascadia Global Security, we believe there’s a better way to handle your security needs. Which is why CGS actively recruits highly trained military and law enforcement veterans to bring you the professionalism and care that you deserve. 

Meet Our Founders

Asa Palagi

A visionary at heart, Asa has served as an Army Officer, a firefighter, and a Deputy Sheriff in Malheur County, Oregon. Asa’s experience in the Military Police Corps helped him fine-tune his leadership skills and operations planning abilities. Learn more about Asa here.

Joshua Harris

Known for his razor-sharp wit, Josh is an Army combat veteran and financial professional. After college, he set his sights on Military Intelligence, becoming an Army Interrogator and Chinese Linguist. Josh was deployed with Special Operations to support Operation Inherent Resolve where he perfected the art of personnel management and operational development.

How We Got Here

With nothing more than 1800 bucks, a garage, and a shared dream, Cascadia Global Security was born. 

When Asa Palagi and Josh Harris met as students at Washington State University, it was clear they both had ambition and entrepreneurship in their blood. They regularly brainstormed wild business ideas (on-campus beer pong league, anyone?)—until the two went their separate ways after graduation. 

Years later—and with extensive professional experience under their belts—Asa and Josh rediscovered their shared passion for entrepreneurship. Bringing their vast backgrounds of security experience to the table, they set off to provide high-quality security services in the private sector. There was no better place to test the waters than in their home state of Washington. 

CGS now boasts nationwide coverage and offers different career paths to new security specialists, veterans, and anyone wanting to further the CGS mission.