About Cascadia Global Security

Cascadia Global Security (CGS) started off as an ambitious adventure between two friends; Asa Palagi, an Army Officer, former Deputy Sheriff, and visionary – and Joshua Harris, an Army combat veteran and financial professional, known for his razor-sharp intelligence. The two founded CGS on a piece of paper in Vale, Oregon before establishing the first “office” out of a garage in Lacey, Washington.

Asa and Josh met at Washington State University, regularly brainstorming wild business ideas together ranging from starting a ranch to an on-campus beer pong league. As reality set in, the two went their separate ways into adulthood. Josh focused his sights on Military Intelligence, becoming an Army Interrogator and Chinese Linguist, subsequently deploying with Special Operations to support Operation Inherent Resolve where he perfected the art of personnel management and operational development. Asa became an Army Officer in the Military Police Corps where he fine-tuned his leadership and operations planning abilities before serving as a Deputy Sheriff in Malheur County, Oregon. The two did not talk for years until Josh returned home from overseas. After one quick phone call, dreams and visions of entrepreneurship were back in every breath.

Bringing their vast backgrounds of security experience to the table, the founders set off to provide high-quality security services in the private sector. There was no better place to test the waters than their home state of Washington. 

Washington is home to Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) which hosts thousands of military veterans. Philanthropy has always been a large part of the vision and is tightly woven into the framework of CGS culture. Service in the military creates a brotherhood that CGS utilizes in the private sector to bring higher quality service to their clients.

Staying true to what they say about companies starting in a garage, CGS now boasts three offices across the West Coast and offers many different career paths available to new Security Specialists, Veterans, and anyone wanting to further the CGS mission.

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